The Twenties Blog

Young Professional, Single, & Figuring It Out

As I embark on my adult life, I realize there are so many people I want to carry with my on this journey. Over the years, especially with the pandemic, there are so many details, thoughts, and experiencing that have formed the person I’m becoming that I haven’t been able to share with others. Consider this my effort to share the details of my life. I’ll try to include photos, changes, thoughts, experiences that I would tell you if we were catching up. There have been decisions I’ve made recently that I want people to understand the heart behind it. I want people to understand who I am, what I am doing, triumps. Failures, the whole gambit. It won’t be everything, somethings of course are left to people I trust, but in this I hope you understand who I am as a person.

So consider this like a phone call at the end of the week, catching up over coffee, or a late night drive. While there are some things I will be maintaining my privacy about, there is plenty of things I would be excited to share with extended friends and family. I don’t know how often I’ll be updating this blog, the goal is to update once weekly. My hope is to tell you about my adventures breaking into the adult world as I try to navigate things as they come.